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Tostarp's krog & logi

Tostarp's Krog & Logi offers
  • Two beautiful halls with table space for 60 people in one and a more mingling feeling in the other.

  • Well-equipped kitchen for self-catering.

  • Beds in bunk beds distributed in 16 rooms of different sizes for 60 people.

  • Large green spaces outdoors.  The place is surrounded by the forest and with Lake Finjasjön within walking distance.

Below Tostarps Krog & Logi   the campsite is located and there is the possibility during the summer season to rent a canoe and play minigolf.

There is also a resturant that have one of the best pizzas in Sweden. 


For inquiries and price proposals

Email and tell:
  • who you are

  • how many of you there are

  • what type of gathering you are planning

  • which days you wish to rent


Please also email if you have any other questions for us. 

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